Urgent Update: 214-230 Sherbourne for Housing!

The vacant properties at 214-230 Sherbourne St. are back up for sale on the market. City Councillor Kristyn Wong-Tam passed a motion at last City Council meeting requesting staff to report back to Council Wednesday, March 9th on the feasibility of purchasing the property for rent geared to income housing.  Bids are due by Friday, March 11th.

This may be our last chance to win this site for social housing before it could be lost to private condo developers! This site sits in the epicentre of the housing and homelessness crisis in Toronto. It is the site of the freezing death of Drina Joubert in 1985. It is less than 150 yards from the bus shelter where a man died of suspected hypothermia on February 4th of this year. It is one of the last corners of the neighbourhood that is not a condo development. If this corner is lost, it will have an enormously negative impact on the community and its services.

On Monday, March 7th at 12:30 pm, please join us outside of 214-230 Sherbourne St (just south of Dundas St. E) for a press conference with local community agencies and organizations and City Councillor. We must join together in the call for action to save this strategic and important site for real affordable housing!  We will call for the City to do what it takes to locate the funding to purchase the site before it is too late. We call on the provincial and federal government to support the City with funds to take action on the housing and homelessness crisis in the city and for this site.

We need all of your support:

1)    Please call your local City Councillor before March 9th to ask them to vote for 214-230 Sherbourne for social housing.

2)    Please email the list below with the following message:

Subject: Act Now! Purchase 214-230 Sherbourne Street!

The property at 214-230 Sherbourne Street is now for sale. The City of Toronto must act now to build affordable housing by bidding to purchase 214-230 Sherbourne by March 11, 2022. On February 4th, it was reported that a homeless man was found dead in a bus shelter at the corner of Shuter and Sherbourne Street – less than 150 yards from the vacant property at 214 230 Sherbourne. The property has sat empty for over a decade. During this time, hundreds of people have slept on the floors of crowded drop-ins and unsafe shelters down the street, while many others reside in tents in parks nearby. The property is located in a community devastated by the housing and homelessness crisis. It should be used to provide a home for those who struggle to find shelter and housing in the Dundas and Sherbourne area.

We cannot wait any longer for real concrete action.  We wait and people die. We urge you to purchase the property at 214-230 Sherbourne Street and use it to develop rent geared to income housing! We also call on the provincial and federal government to support the City with funds to take action on the housing and homelessness crisis in the City and for the development of this site.

Copy and paste the message to:

City of Toronto Councillors and Mayor Tory:




councillor_robinson@toronto.cacouncillor_minnanwong@toronto.ca;  councillor_carroll@toronto.cacouncillor_filion@toronto.ca;



Executive Director of the Housing Secretariat:


MPP, Toronto Centre:


MP, Toronto Centre:


3) Sign the petition: Petition · EXPROPRIATE 214-230 SHERBOURNE! HOUSING NOW! · Change.org

For more information, please contact:  lindsayw@regentparkchc.org

Organized by: RPCHC Advocacy Committee