Shelter and Housing Justice Network postcard action winter 2019-2020

This action is an effort to channel the sadness and stress of all service providers in Toronto who witness the struggles of individuals living without the dignity they deserve.

It is for service providers to have the opportunity to manifest the stress we feel. You might have the feeling that those whom we support should be given voice rather than us. This card is not doing that.

It rather chooses to recognize that those whom we support do enough politically by breathing in the struggle all the time and that it is rarely rewarding if not traumatic for them to tell their stories to politicians who even without such intent practice systemic erasure.

How does this action work?

– please sign one card and distribute the others in your network for signatures
– please collect all these signed cards again
– then, return them to SHJN asap
– if nothing has been arranged for the return and no information is on this website, please contact

SHJN will organise a delivery to Mayor John Tory in the new year that will be respectful of your voice.