National Day For Housing – OUR DEMANDS!

National Housing Day 

Demands to all levels of government

  1. The Federal Government must:
  • Immediately implement a national housing program that prioritizes the development of deeply affordable rent geared-to-income social housing 
  • Build rent geared-to-income social housing in Toronto: 10,000 units immediately to address homelessness and 90,000 units to address the growing waitlist 
  • Adequately fund housing for Indigenous people as a concrete step towards reconciliation
  • Adequately fund the Rapid Housing Initiative for the next five years to allow the City of Toronto to purchase and/or expropriate property to build social and supportive housing


  1. The Province of Ontario must:
  • Provide funds needed to maintain all existing shelter-hotels
  • Create additional non-congregate emergency shelter spaces
  • Increase the Ontario Works and Ontario Disability Support Program shelter allowance to the average market rent in each region
  • Fully fund shelters for survivors of gender-based violence so that there is space for all those fleeing violence. 
  • Invest in supportive, transitional and long-term affordable housing to address the bottleneck faced by shelters 


  1. The City of Toronto must
  • Immediately stop the eviction of encampment residents
  • End the planned closure of shelter hotels. Existing hotel programs must remain open
  • Add an additional 2,700 non-congregate spaces to the shelter system and ensure the 90% capacity mandate is met and everyone can access safe emergency shelter


  1. All levels of government must:
  • Collaborate with people who use drugs to create access to a safer drug supply and safe shelter options
  • ACT NOW to stop the preventable deaths of homeless people and ensure everyone can access safe housing. Build social housing NOW

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