Public Action to call for Raising the Social Assistance Rates

We’re Here For Our Money / Rally to Raise the Rates

Oct 21, 2021 @ 4 PM – Public Action to call for Raising the Social Assistance Rates

Join OCAP as we call for the Province of Ontario to immediately increase Ontario Works and Ontario Disability Support Program monthly rates!

OCAP will be holding a demonstration at 438 University Ave on Oct. 21 at 4 pm to demand a meeting with the Minister of Families, Children, and Social Development, Merrilee Fullerton in regards to Raising the Rates of those on OW and ODSP. On October 1st, 2021, OCAP sent a letter to Fullerton’s office requesting a meeting and has not received a response to date.

Therefore, we have no option but to gather at the Ministry office to have our voices heard.

The Ontario Works (OW) and Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP) are woefully inadequate and are at the roots of poverty in this province. As cost of living continues to rise at a rapid pace and the housing crisis persists, more and more people are being forced out of their homes and into encampments, shelters, and other subpar alternatives.

The current monthly entitlement for a single individual on OW is $733.00 and $1169.00 on ODSP. This includes a shelter allowance of $390.00, leaving a mere $343.00 for basic needs for OW recipients and $672.00 for individuals on ODSP.

Calculations show that the average single individual requires on average $1513.35 in order to meet basic shelter and nutritional costs, leaving OW recipients receiving $733 monthly short of meeting essential needs. For ODSP recipients the shortfall is a minimum of $562.00. This does not include clothing, transportation, phone, internet and other expenses required to meet and maintain everyday needs.

OCAP has a long history fighting to protect the rights of the poor, and we see that the current “improvements” to these programs do nothing to improve the lives of the poor and disabled.

Our demands include;

  • Raising Social Assistance Rates Now to at least the amount of the COVID 19 CERB rate of $2000 per month which is the minimum amount determined by the federal government for an individual to exist on with all existing supports intact.

  • Providing accessible supports with dignity: Eliminate punitive restrictions and surveillance from the administration of social assistance so that workers can better provide necessary and comprehensive services.

  • Expanding access to all immigrants: Everyone in Ontario requiring social assistance should receive it regardless of immigration status.


Hear peoples’ experiences and why this fight is so important.

Snacks, water, transit fare available.

Please bring your banners and signs & wear a mask!

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