Panel Discussion: Inside Toronto’s Shelter System

Announcing: Special Shelter, Housing Justice Network Special Panel Discussion and GMM
When: April 4th at 6pm
Where: Zoom
The first hour of the meeting will be a panel discussion; the remaining 30 minutes will be our regular meeting. Full agenda will come soon. Those looking to join SHJN as a member welcome, as well as those just looking to attend the panel.
The panel will feature speakers who have lived in Toronto’s shelter system. They will talk about some of their experiences and we will have time for questions and discussion.
Lisa LeBlanc is a founding member of the Shelter Video Project Collective, she has been in the shelter system for a long time. Lisa speaks to both the experience of people living with disabilities, chemical sensitivity and food allergies, and the trauma impacts of the shelter system as a whole.
Jennifer Jewell is an empath, artist and vocal advocate. Her politics lie at the intersection of disability, poverty and homelessness.
Sandi Guignard is a harm reduction worker in an overdose prevention site. She is an advocate for poverty reduction, more housing, safe shelters, and has done deputations at city hall, walked in many protests and has lived experience with homelessness and substances.
More info, including the full meeting agenda to come soon.
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