National Housing Day 2021: Community Action to call for Social Housing, Nov 22 @ 11am

On Monday, November 22, 2021, at 11am, we call on you to meet us at 214-230 Sherbourne St by the corner of Dundas St. E in the downtown east, to join the call for social housing across the country.

The housing crisis is being felt across the country by an increasing number of people. The impact of this is felt most severely by those forced into states of homelessness. In the City of Toronto, there are well over 8,700 people who are homeless, with emergency shelters full and over 1,000 people sleeping outside each night and many more forced to sleep in unsafe situations or couch surf.

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The Dundas/Sherbourne area has been the epicentre of the housing and homelessness crisis in Toronto for decades. The property at 214-230 Sherbourne is one glaring example of this devastating situation but also is an example of a possible site of aid. The land and rooming house have been vacant for over a decade while hundreds of homeless people suffer outside its doorstep. It is also only a few blocks away from the site where Drina Joubert froze to death in the back of a pickup truck in 1985. In 2018, the City passed a motion to purchase or expropriate the site for social housing yet we continue to wait for this action to be taken. We wait for housing as people continue to suffer and to die homeless.

Communities across this country have been calling out for aid in this crisis for years. The federal government must reply for once with real assistance. A few hundred units of “affordable” housing through a national housing program will not come anywhere close to dealing with the crisis and cannot be considered real assistance. It does not help someone sleeping in a tent or on the subway if the government does not build social – rent geared to income – housing.

On November 22, 2021, we call on every level of government to act to solve the ongoing and worsening housing and homelessness crisis. We demand that the vacant property at 214-230 Sherbourne be turned into social housing and that the federal government build enough social housing to end homelessness across the country.

Sign the petition for 214-230 Sherbourne at:…/toronto-city-council…

Endorsed by:

Regent Park Community Health Centre, Street Health, All Saints Church, PASAN, Neighborhood Legal Services, Neighborhood Group, South Riverdale CHC, Parkdale Quest West CHC, Health Care Providers Against Poverty (HPAP), Shelter Housing Justice Network(SHJN), SEAS, Toronto Drop-in Network (TDIN), Breakaway, Sanctuary, Ontario Coalition Against Poverty, Inner City Health