Thank you for supporting SHJN and joining our collective struggle to defeat homelessness and to achieve a fully-funded national housing program. Your contribution supports SHJN’s work and our message—when people stand together and communities step forward to support one another, we win the victories we are seeking.

SHJN will use all donated funds in specific ways that directly benefit the people we serve and stand in solidarity with. Donated funds will be used to provide cash honoraria to thank homeless individuals for their involvement in SHJN’s work as speakers, organizers and leaders. Funds will also be used to strengthen the resources we need to organize effectively, including: food for community assembly support; transportation for travel; and the purchase of communication-outreach tools required to build SHJN membership capacity and involvement. 

To donate directly to SHJN, please click on the Canada Helps SHJN donation page, which we have been able to set-up through the support and partnership of Parkdale Activity-Recreation Centre (PARC).

Thank you again for your support.