BROKEN HEARTS DAY – Homeless Memorial Tue Feb 15, 12pm

The Interfaith Coalition to Fight Homelessness ICFH) is inviting folks to participate in 

Broken Hearts Day on Tues Feb 15, 2022, at Noon at Nathan Phillips Square.

Broken Hearts Day follows Valentine’s Day and creates a space to mourn the 3.6 homeless deaths a week in this city and the 132 deaths in Toronto’s shelter system in 2021. The event humanizes those who have died by having participants read the names of a homeless person who has died into a microphone. The participant then rips a red heart, saying “My heart is broken” and those in attendance respond “Our hearts are broken.”

For those participating in the event we ask that you please: 1) wear a mask; 2) social distance and 3) follow the instructions of the marshals. Please share this information about the event with your networks and use the attached posters on social media (IG 1 & IG 2 are for Instagram, there is a new twitter poster) and hashtag:  #BrokenHeartsDayTO