The Shelter and Housing Justice Network (SHJN) is a network of homelessness and housing advocates, shelter providers, healthcare professionals, faith leaders, legal workers, and researchers who have come together to address the issue of homelessness in Canada on a local, provincial, and national level.  Operating under the mantra of “shelter rights, housing rights, human rights” SHJN seeks immediate action and long-term sustainable solutions in the shelter and housing sectors.  Responding to the homelessness crisis through a humanitarian approach, SHJN seeks to raise awareness and demand change as it relates to emergency shelter, social housing, and the protection of human rights. 

SHJN’s mandate includes:

  • Ensuring safety, dignity and autonomy for those experiencing homelessness;
    Ensuring access to housing for all regardless of age, race, faith, gender identity, sexual orientation, ability, income, or immigration status;
  • Advocating the re-establishment of a national housing program in Canada;
  • Enhancing access to critical services and supports that not only assist individuals and families currently experiencing homelessness, but also prevent those who are at-risk of becoming home-less from being forced to live on the streets or in precarious circumstances

SHJN Open Letter to Mayor John Tory and Members of Toronto City Council