They were charged over a Toronto homeless clearance. They say police asked them to sign away their right to protest

Sept 30, 2021

Sam Nithiananthan and Jazzy Kieser had two options: sign a piece of paper agreeing “not to attend an unlawful assembly or protest” and walk out of the police station shortly after, or wait for a bail hearing and fight the conditions in court.

To Nithiananthan and Kieser, both charged over the protests that followed the recent city-ordered clearing of an encampment at Lamport Stadium, the conditions Toronto police were asking them to agree to were unacceptable and unconstitutional: they could make it a crime for them to protest and would prevent them from supporting people living in encampments

“There was no way in hell I was going to sign that thing,” said Nithiananthan, who objected especially to the condition on “unlawful” assembly. “Who gets to dictate what unlawful is?”

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